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Author: Stefania Luttazi

Garbatella: Rome’s Garden City

Even the name is magical: Garbatella, meaning somewhat like “the little graceful lady”. Apparently, it refers to Carlotta, the young and beautiful daughter of a local inn-keeper who lived nearby. Some of the oldest compounds in the neighborhood The neighborhood was planned as a housing

EUR: Rationalist Architecture in Rome

Rome is many cities in one. Historical periods and different styles pile up in the city centre, with multiple layers of history growing out of each preceding one; while in the suburbs, we can find stunning experiments of architectural concepts that may have been short-lived,

Fairytale Rome: Villa Torlonia & Coppedè District

Rome’s multifaceted beauty unfolds in a variety of neighborhoods, each one with its distinctive character. Today, we’ll explore the Nomentano district, located in the northern section of the city. Via Nomentana is one of the major roads built back in the days of the Romans,

The Roman Riviera: Terracina, Sperlonga and Gaeta

Explore the beautiful coastline south of Rome, combining quaint fisher hamlets, ancient ruins and the stunning backdrop offered by the dramatic cliffs and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. View of Terracina and Mount Circeo from the Temple of Jupiter This day trip is

Rome’s best kept secret: the Island of Ponza

Chiaia di Luna cove Italian art cities or Greek islands? If you have ever been in this dilemma, you will be happy to know that on a trip to Rome there’s no need to choose between the fascination of art and the sheer beauty of