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Sistine Chapel Unveiled

You’ve always heard people rave about the Sistine Chapel and can’t wait to see it?
You’ve been, but were barely able to take it all in because you got overwhelmed by the art and the crowds?

This is the perfect opportunity to finally experience one of Rome’s highlights the way it should be savoured!

The Sistine Chapel, the private chapel of the Pope now part of the Vatican Museums, houses some of the most famous art works in the world.

Michelangelo was in his thirties when he painted the ceiling, which took him 4 years. He decided to place the Story of Creation in the central section, flanked by the Prophets and the Sybils on the side.

The detail of God’s and Adam’s fingers almost touching in the act of creation, painted by Michelangelo as part of the huge fresco covering the ceiling, has become almost a pop icon: you can see it everywhere, from billboards to coffee-mugs and fridge-magnets.

About 30 years after having completed this masterpiece, Michelangelo was asked to also paint the wall behind the altar, creating another compelling work, the fresco depicting the Last Judgment.

Discover all the secrets of Michelangelo’s art, get up on the scaffolding to really zoom into the details and admire  the breathtaking colors brought back by the recent somewhat controversial restoration.

Get a glimpse behind the scenes at the Conclave, that takes place right here everytime a new Pope is being elected.

Join me on this 1h30′ long tour to have the Sistine Chapel all to yourself, no crowds, no neck-craning required!

What is a live virtual tour?

In my live virtual tours, we meet on Zoom at an agreed time for the tour selected (please download the free app Zoom Meetings on your PC, tablet or smartphone; type in the code you receive from me, and you are good to go!). It will be either just you and your family if you have booked a private tour, or it might be a group of people from different parts of the world if you choose the join-in option.

It is not a pre-recorded video, but a live online experience with your expert local guide. Using slides, videos and animations, I’ll lead you to explore some of the most amazing places in Rome in depth, in a way that wouldn’t be possible when visiting in person. Plus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact, ask questions, take part in games and quizzes, meet other people on the tour!

Why choose a live virtual tour? Because...

  • you’ll be able to experience the art work literally “zooming in”, discovering details impossible to see when you are standing in front of it, enjoying it while you make yourself comfortable. 
  • most popular tourist venues are often overcrowded, so it’s not always possible to really enjoy the details and to take the time needed to fully soak in the place.
  • it is a wonderful opportunity to have a family get-together even if you are spread in a dozen cities: just grab a drink or a coffee and meet on Zoom with your guide and your dear ones, to explore one of the must-sees every traveler has on his bucket list. 
  • it is a perfect opportunity to get prepared for the trip you’ve been dreaming about for so long, in order to get the most out of it once you’ll be on site. 
  • it is the best way to relish in some great memories after your trip is over, to ask all the questions you would have loved to ask and never had the opportunity to get answered.

You can either book your private virtual tour, so all family members and friends can take part in it, and the Q&A session will be tailored to your needs and interests; or you can book a spot on a “join-in” basis on one of the scheduled days. The latter option means that you’ll enjoy the tour alongside with other travelers from around the world.

Private tour is 100,00 EUR.

Join-in is 10,00 EUR per connection.