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Virtual Tours

Are you getting excited about your upcoming trip, and would you like to get into the right mood, or get prepared in order to get the most out of your visit once you’ll be on site? Would you like to relish in some great memories after getting back home from your Roman Holiday? Just book one of my live virtual tours! 

It is not a pre-recorded video, but a live experience with your expert local guide. 

Using slides, videos and animations, I’ll lead you to explore some of the most amazing places in Rome in depth, in a way that wouldn’t be possible when visiting in person: you’ll be able to experience the art work literally “zooming in”, discovering details impossible to see when you are standing in front of it. 

It is a wonderful opportunity to have a family get-together even if you are spread in a dozen cities: just grab a drink or a coffee and meet on Zoom with your guide and your dear ones, to explore one of the must-sees every traveler has on his bucket list!