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If you look at the RomArt logo, you’ll see a design every Roman is familiar with: the star designed by Michelangelo to decorate the floor in Piazza del Campidoglio, the square on top of Capitol Hill.

Right in the centre of the square, close to the statue of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, you can find a golden nail driven into the ground. That’s the very centre of Rome. It’s from this spot distances are calculated:  even if you are looking at a sign saying Rome is 2815 miles away, it is to this spot the sign is pointing.

Every road leads to Rome, and whatever your walk of life, wherever you come from, Rome is where it all started, because Rome has been at the very beginning of Western civilization as we know it.

That’s why this star is so dear to our heart, and why we wish this to be your lucky star as well. This is the starting point to go wherever you wish.

And that’s the core concept at RomArt: to offer not just standard tours, but to make your wish come true by crafting the perfect holiday experience depending on your expectations, interests and preferences. 

Every tour can be tailored to your needs, and the suggested itineraries offer a series of add-ons to give you exactly the kind of tour you are looking for.

I started this business a long time ago as a freelance guide; now I work with a group of smart, engaging, passionate guides who are driven by the same enthusiasm that makes me love my job.

Not only are all the guides working with me licensed and highly experienced, but they are also fun to be around!

About myself (aggiungere immagini sparse nel testo)


I was born in Rome, and I’ve lived here all my life. I love to travel, but I couldn’t imagine living in any other city in the world.

My mum is German, and she came to Rome on summer vacation with her family when she was 18. She was enjoying the sun and the Mediterranean on a floating mattress in Ostia beach (did you know Rome has its own beaches?), when a handsome Roman guy swam up to her and chatted her up. That would be my dad.

They continued chatting and looking into each other’s eyes for over an hour, she on the mattress, he in the water, until my mum took mercy and suggested going back to the beach, since my dad was blue with cold. They walked along the beach until sunset.

Then he told her he had to get back home, he had driven to the beach on his Vespa scooter on his day off. But: he would think things over, and if he came back the next day, it would be to ask her to marry him. So she should think it over, too, in order to have an answer ready.

On the next day, my grandma couldn’t understand why her youngest daughter was all jittery and couldn’t wait to be off to the beach. Mum started walking along the beach with butterflies fluttering in her heart, ignoring the whistles of the Italian casanovas.

Would he come back? And then, all of a sudden, there he was, looking out for her! They were at a loss for words, and just sat down close to the water. With his finger, he wrote his question on the sand: Mi vuoi sposare? She added her answer. .

It was August 15th 1960. Incidentally, it was my mum’s 18th birthday.

Rome was getting ready for the Olimpic Games, that started just 10 days later and which brought the breathtaking beauty of the Eternal City on TV screens all over the world. That same beauty that brought my mum and dad together. And that I’m now commited to share with you, my friends!

Growing up in a city like Rome is very special. As a Roman, you kind of breath in the beauty, it becomes part of your life, and very much of a necessity. You grow accustomed to it, but you never tire of it.

Your only regret is, you’ll never experience that WOW! moment people from all over the world feel when they first see the Colosseum, or St. Peter’s square, or Piazza Navona. Simply because that beauty has been there all your life.

That’s why I’m so lucky: I get to experience that sense of wonder through your eyes, over and over again. I think it’s actually this emotion you and I are sharing, that made me choose my profession.

When you really love something, you try to learn as much as possible about it. That’s why at 14 I decided I would study art history at University, but I would also go to a tourism academy to become a professional tourist guide.

I graduated, got a PdD, taught at the Uni for a couple of years, while in the meantime I got my certificate as a tour manager and then my license as a tourist guide in Rome.

As a tour manager, I travelled extensively through Europe, leading Italian groups abroad.

Have you ever travelled with a bunch of Italians? They are never on time, too individualistic to conform to group schedules, obsessive about their food, and probably the friendliest and funniest people you can find. It was the best training I could get as a tour leader!

As my studies progressed, I started thinking about the next step: to become a professional qualified local guide.

I’ve been a proud licensed guide of Rome since 2001. I’m on the steering commitee of AGTAR, the largest association of tourist guides in Italy. Within the association, I’ve been in charge of life-long training programs for guides.

Key facts:

  • Born and raised in Rome
  • Art History and Literature Major
  • PhD in Art History
  • Tour Manager since 1993
  • Tourist Guide of Rome and the Vatican since 2001
  • Languages: English, German, Italian
  • Loves to: travel the world, explore Rome’s neighborhoods, eat (pasta and gelato are favourites), write, tell stories, meet new people

Professional qualified guides

In Italy, this profession is taken very seriously. 

Tourism is closely linked to our cultural heritage, and we want that to be in the very best hands. 

That’s why guides have to go through extensive studies and have to take some serious exams to get their license. History, art history, archeology, geography, geology, foreign languages, public speaking and storytelling are the subjects of the exams. 

So, when booking a tour, always make sure your guide is qualified and got the proper training and license!

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