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Gladiators & Co. – Colosseum Tour + Gelato

Places visited (with skip-the-line tickets): 

  • Colosseum
  • Arch of Constantine
  • Gladiators’ School
  • Gelato included!

Duration: 2 hours 

Difficulty: 1/3

Accessibility: the Colosseum is wheelchair and stroller accessible

Focus: Ancient Roman history, Archeology

Price: starting at € 220,00

Have you been dreaming about your trip to Rome for a long time, and then all of a sudden you wake up with the dreadful vision of your kids mooching along and dragging their feet in their best are-we-done-yet mode?

It doesn’t need to happen! Tours can be fun and entertaining for the whole family – but then they must be tailor-made to fit your family, your needs and pace.

One of the most common mistakes is to try and fit too much into a tour. The attention span of kids and teens varies a lot depending on their age, and usually, less is more: that’s why on our Family Adventures we focus on 1-2 venues with plenty of time for games, questions and photos to give your children the opportunity to really enjoy the tour while learning about ancient Rome, rather than trying to cover too much ground and tire them out. We love to engage kids in games and activities on our tours, and we know that a good gelato (Italian for ice-cream!) goes a long way in energizing a weary little traveler!

On this Family Adventure, we’ll skip the line and enter the Colosseum right away. We’ll visit both the ground level and the first tier: even with a stroller or any mobility problems, this will be no issue at all, since I will make sure you can use the elevator if that’s more convenient for you.

We’ll see where the gladiators got trained, and where they waited for their turn to fight; I’ll show you where the wild animals were kept, and tell you how lions, tigers, bears and even giraffes were caught and brought all the way to Rome from far away corners of the Roman Empire; and we’ll have a look behind the scenes, busting some myths about the shows that took place here. At all times, it won’t be a guide holding a lesson, but an interactive experience, with games for the whole family, so it becomes not just a tour, but a wonderful way to make some great family memories.

At the end of the tour, it will be my pleasure to take you to one of my favourite ice-cream places to enjoy a well-deserved treat!

Afterwards, you may decide to visit the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill on your own, since the Colosseum tickets enable you to enter the entire archeological area. In this case, I’ll show you the entrance and give you a few tips to get the most out of your visit! If you are planning to do this, please advise when booking the tour, so we can take the closing time of the Roman Forum into account before deciding the starting time of the tour.

Please don’t forget that when you book one of our Family Adventures, this is entirely focused on children! If you wish to have a deeper exploration of the archaeological area, please book a standard Ancient Rome tour.

If you are interested in booking this tour, please get in touch so we can talk over the details!

We’ll meet at the viewpoint overlooking the Colosseum. If you are getting there by taxi, please ask the driver to take you to Largo Agnesi, to the taxi stand located above the Colosseum.

Please note that there are security checks to enter the Colosseum. Our skip-the-line tickets give us priority, but there might still be a certain amount of waiting in line that can’t be avoided. No pocket-knives, scissors, glass bottles, spray bottles (be aware of sunblock), tripods, professional video equipment, large backpacks or trolleys allowed inside. There’s no checkroom to leave any unauthorized items.

Duration of tour 1-6 people

220,00 EUR

2 hours
  • For larger groups, I’ll be happy to send you a quote. 
  • The tour rate includes your private guided tour and all materials and gadgets used during the tour + gelato for all members of the family at the end of the tour.  Price is total, not per person. 
  • Tickets for the Colosseum are not included and have to be purchased in advance (subject to availability). Once you book the tour, I can either send you the link to book the tickets on your own, or I can take care of it (handling fees apply). 
  • Entry fees for the Colosseum/Roman Forum/Palatine Hill are between 20-35 EUR per person depending on the kind of ticket purchased (standard, with Arena access etc.). Children under 18 get a free ticket. Updated entry fees will be listed in the detailed trip summary you’ll get upon sending a request/booking.
  • Transportation to the start point and gratuities not included in above rates. 
  • Please note that we reserve the right to vary the prices shown on this website at any time before you book (during Bank Holidays, National Holidays, Christmas Holidays, Easter Holidays, or last minute bookings). 

You will be advised of the current price at the time of booking. Once you have booked we will not increase your tour price other than for changes in VAT or any other Venues or Government imposed levy. 

Cancellation Policy & Refunds