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Capitoline Museums – Scavenger Hunt at the Museum

Places visited (with skip-the-line tickets): 

  • Capitol Hill with Michelangelo’s square 
  • Capitoline Museums

Duration: 2 hours 

Difficulty: 1/3

Accessibility: the Capitoline Museums are wheelchair and stroller accessible

Focus: Ancient Roman history, Archeology, Renaissance Art, Fun & Games

Price: starting at € 220,00

If you’ve always thought kids and museums are the perfect ingredients for catastrophe when mixed together – think again!

Museum tours can be fun and entertaining for the whole family – but then they must be tailor-made to fit your family, your needs and pace. A family adventure is more about creating great memories, rather than seeing famous works of art and learn facts and figures about them. 

On our family adventure in the Capitoline Museums, your kids will be our guides, since we’ll focus on the items and details that appeal to them, never mind what any 10-things-to-see list of the museum prescribes!

Our visit will be very interactive, with games the whole family takes part into: be it a challenge to complete the task assigned to you in a room, or a memory game, a bingo game or the mission to create your own art gallery, time will fly as we experience the oldest public museum in the world. 

Wonderful statues such as the She-wolf that symbolizes Rome, the bronze statue of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the Dying Gaul are displayed in the very ornate rooms of this impressive palace designed by Michelangelo in the 1500s. Carved and gilded ceilings, gigantic Murano glass chandeliers, frescoes to cover the walls: the Museum really looks like an overflowing treasure chest.

Underneath the building, we are going to discover a secret passageway that runs through the remains of the mysterious Tabularium, the ancient Roman Archive, and it will take us to a spectacular viewpoint from where we’ll enjoy a complete view of the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Colosseum.

Please don’t forget that when you book one of our Family Adventures, this is entirely focused on children! If you wish to gain a deeper insight into the artworks displayed and the history of the place, please book a standard Capitoline Museums tour.

We’ll meet on Piazza del Campidoglio, at the statue of Marcus Aurelius in the centre of the square. 

To enter the Capitoline Museums, you have to go through security checks and to leave bags and backpacks at the checkroom, free of charge. You are allowed to carry a small purse with your personal items. Photography is allowed.

Duration of tour 1-6 people

220,00 EUR

2 hours
  • For larger groups, I’ll be happy to send you a quote. 
  • The tour rate includes your private guided tour and all materials and gadgets used during the tour – price is total, not per person. 
  • Entrance tickets, transportation to the starting point, meals, snacks and gratuities not included in above rates. 
  • Since entry fees may vary depending on temporary exhibitions being held at the Museum, updated entry fees will be listed in the detailed trip summary you’ll get upon sending a request/booking. At the time of writing, tickets are about 15,00 EUR per person - children under 18 get a free ticket with a 2,00 EUR reservation fee. Tickets can be bought on site (cash or credit card) or online in advance (simply ask me for the link).
  • Please note that we reserve the right to vary the prices shown on this website at any time before you book (during Bank Holidays, National Holidays, Christmas Holidays, Easter Holidays, or last minute bookings). 

You will be advised of the current price at the time of booking. Once you have booked we will not increase your tour price other than for changes in VAT or any other Venues or Government imposed levy. 

Cancellation Policy & Refunds