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Live like a Roman and Become a Mosaic Artist (Circus Maximus, Baths of Caracalla with virtual reality experience + mosaic workshop)

Places visited (with skip-the-line tickets): 

  • Circus Maximus
  • Baths of Caracalla


  • Mosaic workshop

Duration: 2 hours (tour) + 1,5 hours (fresco lab ). Please note: transfer time and snack time have to be considered in between

Difficulty: 1/3

Accessibility: all venues are accessible for wheelchairs and strollers 

Focus: Archeology, History, Hands-on Activity

Price: rate on request!

Looking for a place where your kids can learn about ancient Roman history while having fun? Do you want to give them a feeling of what life was like 2.000 years ago? This is the tour for you! Away from the crowds that give the Colosseum a bit of a Disneyland feeling, we’ll explore some of the most interesting venues of the ancient city!

We’ll start with an overview of the Circus Maximus, hearing about the exciting chariot races that took place here. Choose your favourite team between the Alba (white), Russata (red), Prasina (green) and Veneta (blue) teams, and follow the adventures of Scorpus, the charioteer who won over 2.000 races until he died  in a crash.

Then we’ll walk to the Baths of Caracalla, one of the largest baths ever built, with 5- to 6.000 people using it every day. The baths were a bit like a modern-day country-club or fitness centre: here people could go to the hairdresser, get a massage, have a nice workout at the gym, enjoy a steam-bath, and of course, head for the pools. 

We’ll wonder at the mammoth ruins, learn about the underground passageways, and see the beautiful mosaics archeologists found during the excavations. Your kids will love the virtual reality devices we’ll use to see the ruins the way they used to be, with all the decoration, statues and mosaics still in place!

And then, you will become a mosaic artist yourself: the whole family will take part into our engaging workshop, where a fun, kid-friendly artist will teach you this ancient technique, leading you all the way to create your own artwork, from choosing the initial design to fixing the colorful “tessere” (that’s how we call the mosaic stones!). 

This way, you will create your very own mosaic to take home, to remind you of this unique experience! Arts and crafts classes are a fantastic way for the kids to explore their creative talents, get messy in a kid-friendly environment, and take some time off from using iPads and other gadgets! Please don’t forget that when you book one of our Family Adventures, this is entirely focused on children! If you wish to gain a deeper knowledge of everyday life in ancient Rome, you should check out the standard version of my Live like a Roman tour.

Meeting point is at the Circus Maximus, at the entrance to the archeological area.

This tour is not particularly difficult, since the distances covered are limited.

However, it is advisable to wear comfy shoes and bring a water bottle and sunblock or umbrella. 

  • Rate on request!
  • The tour rate includes your private guided tour and all materials and gadgets used.

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