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Tag: beaches

The Roman Riviera: Terracina, Sperlonga and Gaeta

Explore the beautiful coastline south of Rome, combining quaint fisher hamlets, ancient ruins and the stunning backdrop offered by the dramatic cliffs and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. View of Terracina and Mount Circeo from the Temple of Jupiter This day trip is best done by car. Starting

Rome’s best kept secret: the Island of Ponza

Chiaia di Luna cove Italian art cities or Greek islands? If you have ever been in this dilemma, you will be happy to know that on a trip to Rome there’s no need to choose between the fascination of art and the sheer beauty of turquoise waters, white cliffs and

Fairy-tales come true: Garden of Tarots and Capalbio

Capalbio, Garden of Tarots Today we are off to explore some truly magical places in the Maremma area, the coastal strip of Southern Tuscany, bordering to the Lazio Region. Our first destination is the dreamy Tarot Garden, near the city of Capalbio. This enchanting space was built by French artist