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Live Like a Roman: Circus Maximus, Baths of Caracalla, Roman Houses on the Celio Hill



Places visited (tickets to be purchased on site):

  • Circus Maximus
  • Baths of Caracalla
  • Roman Houses on the Caelius Hill

San Clemente underground excavations

Duration: 3 hours (4 hours with add-ons)

Difficulty: 2/3

Kids and Families: Check out our family adventure Live like a Roman and become a mosaic artist!

Accessibility: all sites except the excavations in San Clemente are wheelchair accessible. It’s recommended to use a van to move in between venues.

Focus: Ancient Roman history, Archeology, Everyday life in Ancient Rome

Price: starting at 180,00 € + entrance fees

Deposit: 40,00 €


Have you ever thought that seeing the Colosseum and the Forum is certainly very impressive, but what you’d really like would be to live like an ancient Roman for a day? To be able to experience how these extraordinary people lived their ordinary everyday life… This is exactly what this tour is all about!

Imagine walking down an ancient Roman street lined with shops and overshadowed by the imposing arches of an aquaeduct; entering a Roman house, with the fresco paintings still intact on the walls, walking into the dining room, the kitchen, the courtyard with a splashing fountain…

And then being invited to spend the day with your host, enjoying the chariot races at the Circus Maximus, learning about the 4 different teams and choosing your own favourite one, rooting for the daring charioteers and holding your breath as they drive around the curve at full speed and risk tipping over the chariot and getting shipwrecked.

After all the excitement at the races, let’s relax at the Baths of Caracalla, one of the grandest in town. Every day, 5- to 6000 people would come to this bath to meet their friends, socialize, go to the hairdresser, get a massage, work out in the gym, have a sauna, and enjoy the hot and cold baths. All the time being surrounded by magnificent works of art, colourful mosaics, beautiful gardens and towering architecture.

This tour will take you back in time to the 3th century, when Rome was a bustling city of +1 million inhabitants, and was at the very peak of its power!

If you wish to really understand how Rome developed over the centuries, getting built layer upon layer, let me take you to the underground excavations of San Clemente church, a 10 minutes walk from the Colosseum. Here, you’ll feel like you just stepped into a time-elevator, taking you back in history with every step you take: we’ll get down to about 40 feet under street-level to explore the ancient Roman buildings on top of which the early Christian church was built, to be replaced later by the medieval church we see on top. Allow about 1 hour to visit San Clemente.

Traveling with kids? Check out our Family Adventure Live like a Roman and become a mosaicist!

We love to engage kids in games and activities on our tours, so we usually opt for a shorter version of the standard itinerary, and add a hands-on activity. What about some fun for the entire family creating a mosaic exactly the same way the Romans did 2000 years ago?

Duration of tour 1-2 people 3-4 people 5-6 people 7-8 people
Up to 3 hours 180,00 EUR 195,00 EUR 210,00 EUR 240,00 EUR
+ each additional hour 60,00 EUR 65,00 EUR 70,00 EUR 80,00 EUR
  • For larger groups, I’ll be happy to send you a quote.
  • The tour rate includes your private guided tour – price is total, not per person.
  • Entrance tickets, transportation, meals, snacks and gratuities not included in above rates.
  • Tickets for the Roman Houses and for the Baths of Caracalla are not included and have to be purchased on site (cash or credit card). Entry fees for each venue are about 10,00 EUR per person. Children under 18 get a free ticket at the Baths and a reduced ticket at the Roman Houses. Updated entry fees will be listed in the detailed trip summary you’ll get upon sending a request/booking.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to vary the prices shown on this website at any time before you book (during Bank Holidays, National Holidays, Christmas Holidays, Easter Holidays, or last minute bookings).

You will be advised of the current price at the time of booking. Once you have booked we will not increase your tour price other than for changes in VAT or any other Venues or Government imposed levy.

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