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Rome with a view (Aventine Hill & Capitol Hill)

Places visited (tickets to the Viktor-Emanuel Monument Elevator to be bought on site): 

  • Circus Maximus
  • Aventine Hill
  • Park of the Orange Trees
  • Santa Sabina church
  • Mouth of Truth
  • Capitol Hill
  • Piazza del Campidoglio
  • Piazza Venezia
  • Viktor-Emanuel Monument and panoramic elevator “Rome from the Sky”

Combo Tours: Foodie Delight Experience or Trastevere & Gianicolo Hill or Jewish Rome

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: 3/3

Accessibility: this tour is wheelchair accessible – just keep in mind that we’ll cover some distance in between sights, and some is uphill

Focus: History, Medieval Art, Renaissance Art, Views

Price: starting at € 270,00

Rome is undoubtely one of the most romantic cities in the world, and a lot of its charm lies in the amazing views it offers from the famous 7 hills. Today we are going to conquer 2 of them, experiencing Rome from an unexpected point of view: from the top! 

We’ll start with the Aventine Hill, considered the lovers’ hill in Rome: on the slopes of it, you can see the Rose Garden of the city. It will make you dizzy with the sweet perfume of over a thousand species of roses, and it offers an incredible view of the Circus Maximus, as well as of the massive ruins of the Emperors’ Palace on Palatine Hill.

As we walk up the Aventine, you’ll come to understand why this is the most exclusive and elegant residential area of Rome: parks, villas and beautiful medieval churches dot the hill    . At the Park of the Orange Trees you’ll discover the secret of one of the best loved beauty spots in Rome, that is the special view it offers of the dome of St. Peter’s… 

After visiting Santa Sabina, a fine early Christian church and a favourite for weddings, we’ll walk down to the Mouth of Truth, where you’ll be amused by the throngs of would-be Audrey Hepburns lining up to take a picture in the exact same pose the actress struck in the evergreen classic A Roman Holiday.

Following backroads that will make you discover some amazing hidden corners of the city, we’ll reach Capitol Hill, where a short climb will reward us with a breathtaking view of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum

The hill, once considered to be the very heart of the Roman Empire, houses the City Hall as well as the oldest public museum in the world: the Capitoline Museums. But its main claim to fame is the beautiful Piazza del Campidoglio designed by Michelangelo, with the statue of emperor Marcus Aurelius in the centre, and the star-design on the floor. You can see the same design, which is the symbol of the Eternal City, in our logo! This is also where you can find the statue of the she-wolf, linked to the legend of the twins Romulus and Remus who founded the city.

Getting to Piazza Venezia, we’ll gape at the bombastic monument to King Viktor-Emanuel II, the one who unified Italy in 1861. This landmark sticks out a mile in the urban landscape, leading locals to call it a multitude of names: the wedding-cake, the typewriter, the king’s false teeth… We will walk up the steps to the gigantic statue of the king, and then ride the elevator located on the backside of the building to the very top. 

This is were you’ll have all of Rome spread out at your feet, and where on a clear day you can even see the mountains farther off. No wonder they call this “Rome from the sky”, it really feels as if you are gliding over the city as you immerse yourself in a 360° view of Rome. On this tour, you’ll camera will have a hard time keeping up with all there is to capture!

Would you like to keep going? This tour can be combined with a multitude of other walking tours! What about our Foodie Delight Experience to sample some delicious Italian food while exploring world famous sites?

Or try our Jewish Rome tour: Rome is home to the oldest Jewish community in the world outside of Israel, and the Roman Jews are very proud of their heritage. The pictoresque Jewish Ghetto, the impressive Synagogue and the Jewish delicacies at the many cafès and restaurants are an experience not to be missed! 

Another great option is to explore the pictoresque medieval alleyways in Trastevere. One of the oldest neighborhoods in Rome, it offers unspoiled corners with the occasional clothesline across the street, wonderful art works, dazzling medieval mosaics, nice little shops and a seemingly unending choice of bars and eateries.

Duration of tour

Up to 4 people

Up to 3 hours

270,00 EUR

+ each additional person over 18 years     

40,00 EUR


  • For larger groups and families, I’ll be happy to send you a quote. 
  • The tour rate includes your private guided tour – price is total, not per person. 
  • Tickets to the Rome from the Sky Elevator are separate and have to be bought on site (at the time of writing: 17,00 EUR per person, free for children under 18, 4,00 EUR for people between 18 and 25; updated entry fees will be listed in the detailed trip summary you’ll get upon sending a request/booking). 
  • Transportation to start point, meals, snacks and gratuities not included in above rates. Headsets are not included (only needed with 6+ people).
  • Please note that we reserve the right to vary the prices shown on this website at any time before you book (during Bank Holidays, National Holidays, Christmas Holidays, Easter Holidays, or last minute bookings). 

You will be advised of the current price at the time of booking. Once you have booked we will not increase your tour price other than for changes in VAT or any other Venues or Government imposed levy. 

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